Marissa and Steven

Marissa and Steven in 4th Ward Park with their dog Miller

I really do love uptown Charlotte... as a native, I've watched it change so much over the years. What was once an area home to nothing more than a bunch of boring-looking glass skyscrapers that only had activity Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, is now alive with museums, performance spaces, restaurants, bars, residential buildings and cool green spaces.

So after meeting with Marissa about her engagement photos and her hearing her desire to shoot in an urban setting, I was naturally excited about the possibilities of using Uptown as the background.

Since in true Carolina form, the temperatures during this early February weekend were in the upper 70s, we had to scrap Marissa's winter-themed shoot idea. But the winter afternoon sunshine provided some spectacular light and great photos!


We started on an early Sunday afternoon in 4th Ward Park, a beautiful green space surrounded by beautiful historic homes and brick sidewalks in the shadow of the uptown skyscrapers. 4th Ward park serves as the "front yard" for many of these homes so we were able to stay in the public spaces and still use these beautiful old homes as backdrops.

We then made our way toward the central business district, stopping at the Old Settlers' Cemetery where we found a really cool tree for them to climb for a few photos. I know shooting in a cemetery seems weird for engagement photos, but in a way it's kind of a cool connection to the "until death do us part" commitment!

Did I mention how awesome the light was? :-)

From there we moved on to The Mint Museum Uptown for some cool dancing shots in the plaza out front.

The Green is other city green space that seamlessly connects to a courtyard of St. Peter's Catholic Church... another great photo spot!

As expected there was a line of people waiting to have their photo taken in front of Le Grand Oiseau de Feu sur l’Arche (Firebird) on the plaza in front of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. We did the typical picture with the statue, but my favorite is the one we took with Marissa and Steven leaning up against the backside of it with the old Ratcliffe's Flowers building in the background (just an explosion of color!).

We finished up the afternoon in Latta Arcade (with our Starbucks cups as props), on the grass in front of the Carillon Tower and back on the streets of 4th Ward as the sun was setting.

Very special thanks to my friend and collaborator AJ Victoria for his help with this shoot.